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http://chrisbrandrick.com/tag/video/ The voyage started of MinistryofCareer.Com on January 2016, to make students and job seekers enables to construct an informed career through an incorporated and picture perfect platform that offers Information and Resources, Counselling and Collaboration at various phases of student & job seekers life cycle.

There are countless career options for a student at different stages of student life. Students and job seekers always deal with questions like “Why” “When” “Where” “How” “Who” “What” about the poles apart educational careers at different stages of their educational career. In each career, there are again the various set of choices in terms of institutes, colleges, universities, degrees, courses, locations etc. The answers to such questions are often unavailable to most students at the exact time and place. That is why most of the times; decisions are based on guessing, influence from nobles, formless information.

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Ministry of Career provides you prepared & planned information at exact & right time about careers, jobs, exams, school/colleges, admission procedure, results, coaching, latest news, scholarships, study material, etc.

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