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5 Experience in integrating with multiple data sources - Teradata/ Oracle/ SQL / Hive DB
6 Good Experience in Data Mapping, XML/ JSON, and web service

Professional Attributes : 1 Strong verbal and written communication skills
2 Ability to work in team in diverse/ multiple stakeholder environment
3 Experience in Healthcare domain preferred
Salary: Not Disclosed by Recruiter

Industry:IT-Software, Software Services

Functional Area:IT Software - DBA , Datawarehousing

Role Category:Programming & Design

Role:Software Developer

Employment Type: Full Time, Permanent


We have been alerted to the existence of fraudulent messages asking job seekers to set up payment to cover various costs associated with establishing employment at Accenture. No one is ever required to pay for employment at Accenture. If you are contacted by someone asking for payment, please do not respond, and contact us at india.fc.check@accenture.com immediately.

Source: http://bit.ly/2M7f7YY

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