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Institute of Banking Personnel Selection (IBPS) is an independent employer in India began in 1975 as Personnel Selection Services (PSS). IBPS have become an independent entity on the behest of Reserve Bank of India (RBI) and Public Sector Banks in 1984. With an assignment of enhancing human-resource development through personnel evaluation IBPS is expected as self-governed academic and studies oriented Institute. IBPS pronounces every year positions in clerical, PO and SO posts in nationalized banks, State Bank and RRBs. Applicants meeting eligibility standards ought to sign in, pay the application costs, observe online, attain the admit card and seem for initial and very last commonplace written exams (CWE) after which an interview (in the case of IBPS PO and IBPS SO) before a variety panel.

For the recruitment of Probationary Officer / Management Trainee within the public zone banks, IBPS will launch the notification. The utility shape of IBPS PO 2017 can be released online in July/August 2017. The exam will take vicinity in stages this is Preliminary and Main Examination. Eligible applicants who want to get appointed as PO in public zone banks want to fill the application form via online mode handiest.

Important Dates

Online registration and rectification of errors in programs             July-August 2017

Payment of utility price July-August 2017
Downloading corridor tickets for pre-exam training          September 2017

Pre-exam training date September 2017
Downloading of hall tickets for IBPS PO prelims 2017       September 2017

Examination date of IBPS PO prelims      October 2017

Results assertion for IBPS PO prelims 2017           October 2017

Downloading of corridor tickets of IBPS PO Mains 2017   October 2017

Examination date of IBPS PO Mains 2017               November 2017

Results statement for IBPS PO Mains 2017           November 2017

Downloading of name letters for interview          December 2017

Date of interview             January 2018

Provisional allotment     April 2018

Eligibility Criteria

The candidates ought to have finished commencement degree in any area scoring minimal 60% marks from a recognized university (55% for SC/ST/PWD).

The decrease & upper age restriction to use for the examination is 20 years and 30 years as on 1st July 2017. The rest in higher age restrict could be provided to certain limits for reserved classes.

Age Relaxation

Category                                                              Relaxation in age

Scheduled Tribes and Scheduled Castes                05 years

Physically disabled candidates (PH)                       10 years

Other backward training OBC-NCL                        03 years

Of the State of Jammu and Kashmir the unique habitants of Kashmir Division at some stage in the period starting from 01 January 1980 to thirty first December 1989           05 years

Ex-Servicemen, Commissioned Officers which include Short Service Commissioned Officers (SSCOs), Emergency Commissioned Officers (ECOs) who have worked for no longer much less than 5 years in military and feature left on end of undertaking                                                      05 years

The people affected in the 1984 riots                      05 years

IBPS PO 2017 Participant Banks

Allahabad Bank  Canara Bank                    Indian Overseas Bank

Andhra Bank      Central Bank of India      Oriental Bank of Commerce

Bank of Baroda  Corporation Bank             Punjab National Bank

Bank of India      Dena Bank          Punjab & Sind Bank

Bank of Maharashtra      Indian Bank        Syndicate Bank

UCO Bank            Union Bank of India        United Bank of India

Vijaya Bank

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